Wireless Network Simulator in Matlab

A simple but complete mobile wireless network simulator in Matlab


wireless-matlab-0.5.zip (05/07/2006)

What does wireless-matlab provide?

  • Radio propagation: free space, two-ray, and lognormal shadowing
  • Mobility: random waypoint model
  • PHY: SNR-based packet capture, broadcast, dynamic transmission rate and power
  • MAC: IEEE 802.11 (CSMA/CA, virtual carrier sense, and RTS-CTS-DATA-ACK)
  • NET: ad hoc routing
  • APP: overlay routing protocols
  • How to use wireless-matlab?

    Download it to a new directory, run sim1.m or sim2.m in Matlab, modify them and action.m for your particular use. Run and modify process_sim1.m to process log file generated by the simulation.


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